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Why Your Business Needs Topper

Any business adopting crypto assets confronts the same problem: access. Getting crypto into the hands of consumers remains a complicated process, hindered by an unfamiliar user experience and a still-burgeoning technology stack. To offer a useful blockchain-enabled product, businesses need a seamless gateway for their customers to “get” crypto assets. It is a crucial step in the migration of value from web2 to web3, and the opportunity has given rise to a landscape of crypto onramp solutions.

However, not all onramps are created equal. Businesses require an onramp that is scalable, secure, reliable, and flexible - ensuring that their customers have a frictionless experience. Topper, built by Uphold, is crafted to meet the needs of businesses and their audiences - both for crypto today and its inevitable future.

The Business onramp Ecosystem

A crypto onramp is a platform that facilitates the transition from traditional fiat currencies to digital assets. As web3 use cases gain traction, businesses are starting to explore more opportunities to integrate the technology into their everyday operations. Blockchain offers the opportunity for businesses to deliver truly novel experiences to their audiences, fostering a closer, more meaningful relationship with their customers.

Onramps are the critical piece in the puzzle of bringing audiences over from web2 to web3. For many people, onramps are their first experience with crypto. Businesses need to approach this moment of conversion carefully, delivering an experience that is straightforward and enjoyable for the end user while remaining secure and risk-minimized for the company. A positive first impression can set the tone for a user’s entire crypto experience, and thus their relationship with the business.

Challenges with Current onramps

Today’s onramp landscape is vast; an entire infrastructure layer has arisen to help facilitate the migration of value from web2 to web3. However, a consistent set of problems continue to plague onramps, resulting in a vastly differentiated ecosystem. Many platforms have low approval rates and narrow asset support, making it difficult for customers to get their hands on the assets they want. Additionally, regulatory hurdles, security concerns, and integration complexities can deter businesses from adopting certain onramps.

Essential onramp Features

For businesses seeking the easiest, most user-friendly way to onboard their users to crypto, there are three core features to consider:

  1. Asset Breadth: The number of live, useful crypto assets will only continue to grow. Ensuring an onramp can support a broad range of crypto assets is fundamental to allowing a business and its audience to stay at pace with the web3 landscape as it continues to develop.
  2. Trust: Crypto is still an early ecosystem, and reliable, trustworthy service providers are not as plentiful as in more mature markets. Businesses should seek onramps that pay attention to compliance, respect customer funds, and keep sufficient liquidity.
  3. Approval Rate: Even if an onramp solution fulfills the two prior features, many end users seeking to buy crypto run into the same problem: approval rate. Fiat financial providers have varying stances on crypto, and web3 users are commonly blocked from purchasing crypto with onramps.

Topper: Built for Business

Topper is a fiat-to-crypto onramp service that allows users to purchase crypto assets with their debit or credit cards. By providing a secure, user-friendly platform, Topper ensures that users can access digital assets with minimal hassle.

For businesses, Topper is a customizable solution to quickly onboard their audiences to crypto. By integrating Topper, businesses can quickly solve their fiat-to-crypto challenges, helping deliver to their users seamless web3 experiences.

Topper’s Essential Features

Looking at the three essential features for any business’ onramp solution, here’s how Topper stacks up:

  1. Asset Breadth: Topper supports over 200 digital assets, giving businesses a vast base of currencies to offer their customers right off the bat.
  2. Trust: Topper is built by Uphold, a leading crypto brokerage with a proven track record of crypto service. Uphold services 10 million users across 150 countries, with nearly $2bn USD under management. Uphold and Topper never loans out customer funds, and publishes all assets and liabilities in real-time for any business or end user to audit themselves. Lastly, Topper comes with a strong KYC & AML process, allowing businesses to onboard users with confidence (and verification takes just minutes).
  3. Approval Rate: Topper has the highest approval rate in the onramp ecosystem. Our approval rate is 60%, compared to an ecosystem standard of ~30%. Businesses using Topper can rest assured that their customers have the highest chance of the easiest, most hassle-free fiat-to-crypto experience.

Looking Ahead

In the dynamic world of web3, businesses are constantly seeking solutions that not only keep them ahead of the curve, but also resonate with their audiences. Web3 is revealing a growing set of opportunities, and businesses need the best solutions to introduce their customers to new applications and experiences.

Endless experiences exist within web3, but first businesses need to get people there. onramps remain the most critical step in this process. Topper has been built to meet those needs, enabling businesses to onboard their customers with ease, enjoyment, and security.

Talk to the Topper team to get started.

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Holly Goodhart
Holly Goodhart

Senior Director, Enterprise Marketing

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