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Apple and Google Pay now available
Apple and Google Pay now available
Apple and Google Pay now available

New payment methods and new tokens are available on Topper

It’s been a busy month at Topper! Our team has been actively making updates to the platform that will bring you more of the features you’re excited about, like more payment methods! 

Apple Pay and Google Pay now available on Topper

Are Apple Pay and Google Pay secure?

Purchasing crypto with Apple Pay or Google Pay can be speedier and more convenient than transactions with your credit or debit card. Uphold has been recognized by Datawallet as the top pick for Apple Pay users. And Topper is brought to you by Uphold! 

Likewise Google Pay, or G-Pay, offers that same speed, security and convenience. 

Next time you buy and send crypto to your wallet of choice, you’ll see Apple and G-Pay in the payment method options. You can use those payment methods for any of the 200+ assets available on Topper.

Speaking of Assets…

We made some big token announcements this month! You can always check our site to confirm which cryptocurrencies are available on Topper. 


Kaspa (KAS) is an open-source, scalable, and decentralized Layer-1 blockchain that utilizes Proof of Work to achieve consensus. It was initially created by Yonatan Somplinsky, a former Harvard researcher known for developing the GHOSTDAG protocol. The Kaspa community prides itself on embracing decentralization and adhering the principles established by the Bitcoin Network. 

The native currency of the Kaspa Network is the KAS coin, which is used to reward miners for validating and securing the network.


Ultra (UOS) describes themselves as “a gaming hub that enables players, developers, and brands to discover the true meaning of freedom.” 

The Ultra gaming ecosystem has been designed as a one-stop shop for gamers around the world. Within the platform, players can explore a wide range of apps (including mainstream and indie games), a tournament platform, and a digital asset marketplace.

UOS is the native currency of the Ultra ecosystem and enables players to purchase a wide selection of games, collectibles, and more. 

That’s our November news, stay tuned for more exciting Topper updates.

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Holly Goodhart
Holly Goodhart

Senior Director, Enterprise Marketing

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