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Monthly Round Up - January

Here’s what’s new in the Topper world.

Asset Distribution Snapshot

Curious which assets people have been buying? Here’s a glimpse of the top ten digital assets purchased in the last 30 days on Topper.

Cryptocurrencies available on Topper

Uphold now supports USDC on the Arbitrum Network.  Which means, now you can buy USDC using Topper and send it to any Arbitrum-supported wallet. When purchasing USDC, select the Arbitrum One network option.

Arbitrum, developed by Offchain Labs, is a Layer-2 blockchain scaling Ethereum. It uses a ‘rollup solution’ where transactions are batched off-chain, reducing mainnet congestion, resulting in quicker, more affordable transactions.

Buy USDC with Topper

Topper Partner Spotlight

There are lots of ways you can access Topper to get your crypto! You can always use the widget on our website, additionally, you’ll find Topper available as an onramp with some amazing partners! Each month, we’ll take the opportunity to highlight our partners where you’ll find Topper as an onramp in their wallet or Web3 project.

Last month Topper integrated with Changelly.  They describe themselves as an instant cryptocurrency exchange that has been operating on the market since 2015, providing quick crypto-to-crypto exchanges and purchases to more than 2.6 million users every month.

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See you next month!

PS: As always, if you need support with your transaction, please visit our help section.

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Holly Goodhart
Holly Goodhart

Senior Director, Enterprise Marketing

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