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Maintaining Your Immersion Through the Seamless Integration of Gaming & Finance

Introducing a new Topper partner, Star Atlas: A Universe Awaiting Exploration

Star Atlas emerges as a groundbreaking play-to-earn space exploration RPG and metaverse, constructed on the robust foundation of the Solana blockchain. It presents a fusion of advanced blockchain capabilities, Unreal Engine 5’s real-time cinematic graphics, multiplayer gameplay, and decentralized finance, setting the stage for an epic cosmic odyssey. Within this vast, futuristic universe, players command their destiny, embarking on space exploration, engaging in territorial conquests, and shaping the outcome of interstellar conflict.

A Dual Token Economy: ATLAS & POLIS at the Core

Core to Star Atlas is its in-game economy, driven by a dual token system: ATLAS and POLIS. ATLAS, the in-game currency, fuels the purchase of essential items and rewards player achievements. In contrast, POLIS empowers players with governance rights within the Star Atlas DAO, influencing the game's ecological fabric and the redistribution of resources. Additional in-game items, like land, spacecrafts and more, are represented with a wide array of NFTs.

Revolutionizing Asset Acquisition: The Topper Integration

We are thrilled to unveil a pioneering collaboration between Star Atlas and Topper, marking a first in the realm of blockchain gaming. This partnership introduces Topper ATMs directly into the Star Atlas metaverse, bridging the gap between fiat currency and in-game assets, without disrupting the gaming experience.

Uphold featured inside of the Star Atlas metaverse

The Integration Highlights:

  • In-Game Topper ATMs: Players can now directly purchase ATLAS, POLIS, USDC, and more through Topper’s fiat on-ramp solution, seamlessly integrated within the game environment.
  • Uninterrupted Gameplay: The need to navigate between different platforms or exchanges is eliminated. Players can maintain their immersion, enhancing the gaming experience by facilitating asset top-up directly within Star Atlas.
  • Widened Access: This integration not only simplifies transactions, but opens up the Star Atlas universe to a broader audience by abstracting out complexities associated with crypto gaming - such as moving through an exchange or external wallet,  thus making entry into the game's economy more accessible and intuitive.

Topper’s fiat on-ramps allow users to purchase over 200 cryptocurrencies with fiat, including Solana based tokens like ATLAS, POLIS, and USDC. To learn more, click here.

Maintaining Immersion, Simplifying Transactions

By placing Topper ATMs within the Star Atlas universe, we're not just offering a convenience; we're preserving the immersive experience that is central to the game. This integration ensures that players don’t compromise their interstellar quests while managing in-game finances.

Embark on the Journey

As Star Atlas continues to evolve, the collaboration with Topper represents a significant milestone in blurring the lines between gaming, finance, and real-world value. This partnership underscores our commitment to providing players with an immersive experience that enhances the vast universe of Star Atlas.

Join us in this grand adventure through space, where the boundaries of gaming and economic opportunity expand beyond the stars. Discover the possibilities that await in Star Atlas, where your strategic decisions, exploratory ventures, and economic acumen can shape the future of the galaxy.

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Holly Goodhart
Holly Goodhart

Senior Director, Enterprise Marketing

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